Business Registration, Visa, Work Permit


ECG assists clients with the Afghanistan business registration process for both local and international companies. Operating in Afghanistan as a branch office of an entity established outside Afghanistan may benefit companies in obtaining tax exemption when performing contractors on behalf of donor governments such as the United States or NATO. However, opening a branch in Afghanistan has several steps involved with the U.S. government, Afghan Embassy, Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Ministry of Commerce. Business registration may also require Limited Power of Attorney and other legal documents. ECG’s legal team has long experience with the Afghan government and is visiting government agencies to be up to date o the latest requirements. ECG US office will advise you of the entire process to obtain or renew your Afghanistan business license quickly and efficiently.


ECG helps its clients obtain visa invitation letters, Afghanistan entry visas, and work permits for employees deployed to Afghanistan. After the initial entry visa and upon arrival in Afghanistan, ECG will obtain multiple entry visas to replace the initial entry visa. Companies sponsoring foreign employees under U.S. and NATO contracts may not require work permits. ECG team is working with the Afghan government agencies regularly to stay up to date on the requirements and procedures and advise our clients accordingly.