Serving Organizations Across Sectors

ECG serves organizations who are operating in various sectors. However, some the organizations we work with fall into the following categories:

Federal/Government Contractors

The implementing partner organizations are those companies and non-profit entities that implement programs and projects for the U.S. government agencies such as USAID – whether be it in the form of grants, cooperative agreements, or contracts. To be able to successfully implement the project and receive grants and contracts in the future, they must understand and fully comply with the terms and conditions of the grants and contracts, including those applicable federal rules, regulations, and local laws. Some common administrative requirements are a proper financial management system, qualified staff, written policies and procedures, sound internal control systems, audited financial statements, regular financial reports, and budget controls. Some federal agencies such as USAID and the Department of State may conduct pre-award or post-award assessments of the partner organization to ensure they have the capacity to manage U.S. government funds. The ECG staff and team have a long history of working for and with U.S. federal agencies such as USAID and fully understand their requirements and have been assisting other organizations in ensuring full compliance with donor needs.

Non-Profit Entities

A typical non-profit we work with is one that either operates through receiving grants, private donations, or a combination of both. These non-profits require an accounting system to record and track the funds received through grants and donations and the related expenses by categories and projects. All organizations must prepare and file their annual tax return and employee-related taxes accurately and in a timely manner. They may also need a written policy and procedures manual to follow to ensure compliance with grant agreement terms and consistency in their decisions, documentation, and reporting. However, larger entities may also require proper internal control systems to ensure transparency and pass a financial audit as well. Our staff and consultants have worked with international and local non-profits and understand their culture, business environment, and their expectations.

Small Businesses

Small businesses in the United States and overseas need to manage their wealth more effectively and efficiently. ECG works closely with the owners and management teams to ensure that they have the right resources and financial information to make informed decisions. Our team will advise and assist a company in creating a proper accounting system, training a financial advisor, ensuring compliance with tax laws, and be able to determine profitability and identify potential negative financial risks. We work with our client’s team to support the growth of their companies

Working With You

We will work with your team to support the growth of your companies. Below are some of the clients we’ve served.