Accounting & Bookkeeping

In-house or Outsourced

We provide in-house accounting and bookkeeping support as well as outsourced services. For clients that want to keep their books of accounts and records at their office, we assist them in training and supervision of their accounting staff to ensure they have the knowledge and resources to perform their duties adequately. We also schedule regular visits to verify their work is completed accurately and on time. Our support includes on-the-job training, remote review support, regular review of books, vouchers, tax filing, cash management and financial reports.

Full Service, Wherever You Are

For clients that prefer to outsource their accounting and bookkeeping function, we provide full services to ensure their financial records managed professionally and maintained up to date.  With the current digital revolution, sharing documents and information is easier and more convenient than ever before. We will regularly update the accounting records based on documents received from client that may include electronic copy of the bank account and credit card statements as well as receipts and invoices. We provide regular and ad hoc financial reports.