Audit Services


ECG audit team is experienced in conducting financial audits for commercial clients as well as government clients. Our team has a long history of conducting various audits, from conducting financial statement audits to managing federal audits performing audits for the U.S. government-funded contracts and grants. This experience has given us a unique opportunity to understand the requirements, processes, procedures, and internal controls necessary to prepare and respond to an audit.

ECG also supports clients who are subject to audits and help them prepare for a financial audit by a third party. ECG support involves a compliance assessment and assistance in helping organizations meet the requirements in preparation for an external audit. The goal is to ensure a painless, smooth audit process in which success is assured. The preparatory process allows the organization to meet compliance requirements on its own timelines rather than to scramble in the throes of an audit remediation process.

Our assessment will include examining the organization’s policy and practice documentation for compliance with regulatory or business practice requirements. We also review documentation maintained for procurement, payments, hiring, travel, and internal controls documented in the form of authorizations.  We identify gaps and recommend corrective actions to be taken by management to overcome the issues.