Afghanistan Tax Compliance


For Afghanistan clients, we ensure they are in full compliance with Afghanistan tax laws. Regardless of the type of entity, some of the main tax areas that may be applicable include wages withholding tax, contractor withholding tax, rental withholding tax, business receipts tax (BRT), and an annual income tax return. Foreign entities and Non-profit entities and may be eligible for tax exemption, but they are required to apply and obtain a tax exemption letter from the Ministry of Finance (MOF), which ECG can assist with obtaining the tax exemption letter. All entities are required to obtain a tax identification number (TIN) for their entities and employees. We provide guidance to ensure our clients understand the requirements and assist them with a mandatory filing of their taxes on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis.

If an entity is selected for a tax audit by the Afghanistan Revenue Department (ARD), ECG can assist in responding to Tax Audits by the ARD. ECG can assist specifically with completing the initial audit questionnaire, corresponding and meeting with tax auditors, gathering and submitting documents requested by the auditor, advising the client on audit matters or outstanding issues, follow up with the auditor until the audit is complete.

For US-based clients, ECG can assist our clients in preparing and filing their annual tax returns (IRS form 1120, 1120-S, 990, 1040). For small business and non-profit entities, we ensure they are in full compliance with all their tax compliance obligations from monthly to quarterly and annual returns.