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We are committed to excellence in providing our clients with practical solutions and management supports that suit their business needs, and leading us to grow together.

Our Services

Emerging Consulting Group (ECG) offers comprehensive financial management solutions, focused on the following areas.

Audit Services

The accounting system we develop will meet the requirements of small to medium size entity both commercial and non-profit organizations.

 Afghanistan Tax Compliance

For Afghanistan clients, we ensure they are in full compliance with Afghanistan tax laws. Regardless of the type of entity, some of the main tax areas that may be

Afghanistan Legal Support

ECG’s legal team and Afghan license Attorneys will provide legal support and advice to assist clients in complying with Afghanistan laws. Some of the primary

Business Registration, Visa, Work Permit

ECG assists clients with the Afghanistan business registration process for both local and international companies. Operating in Afghanistan as a branch office of

Accounting & Payroll Services

Our accounting expertise comes from years of experience working with federal contractors, international organizations, non-profit entities, and small businesses.

Grants & Contracts Compliance

As a US-based consulting firm, we provide consulting services including grants and contracts compliance and financial management support services to non-profits

Our Clients

Emerging Consulting Group (ECG) serves organizations who are operating in various sectors. However, some the organizations we work with falls into the following categories.

Non-Profit Entities

A typical non-profit we work with is one that either operates through receiving grants, private donations, or a combination of both. These non-profits require


Federal/Government Contractors

The implementing partner organizations are those companies and non-profit entities that implement programs and projects for the U.S. government agencies

Small Businesses

Small businesses in the United States and overseas need to manage their wealth more effectively and efficiently. ECG works closely with the owners and