USAID Partners

USG Contractors/ USAID
Implementing Partners

The implementing partner organizations are those companies and non-profit entities that implement programs and projects for the U.S. government agencies such as USAID – whether be it in the form of grants, cooperative agreements or contracts.

Full Compliance

To be able to successfully implement the project and receive grants and contracts in the future, they must understand and fully comply with the terms and conditions of the grants and contracts including those applicable federal rules regulations and local laws. Some common administrative requirements are: proper financial management systems, qualified staff, written policies and procedures, sound internal control system, audited financial statements, regular financial reports and budget controls. Some federal agencies such as USAID and Department of States may conduct a pre-award or post-award assessments of the partner organization to ensure they have the capacity to manage U.S. government funds. The ECG staff and team has a long history of working for and with U.S. federal agencies such as USAID and fully understand their requirements and have been assisting other organizations to ensure full compliance with donor requirements.